Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Canopie

    2. Introductory survey

    3. Welcome from Anne!

    1. How motherhood can make you feel

    2. Understanding thought cycles

    3. Breaking the cycle of negativity (practice)

    4. Spotting what made us feel bad

    5. Being aware of low feelings (practice)

    1. Access your soothing system

    2. Feel calm through breathing (practice)

    3. Confidence through body posture (practice)

    4. Access your soothing system summary

    1. How negative thoughts affect us

    2. Find balance in your thoughts

    3. Bring balance to your thoughts (practice)

    4. Balanced alternative thoughts summary

    1. Boosting through facial expressions (practice)

    2. Soothing tone of voice (practice)

    3. Bringing this all together

    1. You are better than you think

    2. Seeing yourself differently (practice)

    3. Find gratitude and good things (practice)

    4. Reintroducing pleasure

    5. Finding moments of pleasure (practice)

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